Ms. Kathy (Pre-K)

Welcome to Ms. Kathy's page!

Please stop by a see me at Meet the Teacher night August 10th, 2017!

Class Supply List:
1 heavy duty plastic folders w/ pockets (no prongs)
1 box washable markers
1 watercolor paints
1 box Kleenex
2 boxes wet wipes
1 clorox wipes
Left handed child scissors if  your child needs them ( I have plenty of right handed)
2 glue sticks (the purple seem to work best)
1 child sized blanket (please, nothing too bulky) 
1 child sized pillow and sleep buddy if you'd like ( again, these must be small, no pillow pet pillows, and sleep buddy must stay at school)
Canvas "grocery reusable bag" to store bedding in
Extra set of clothes, pants, shirt, socks, underwear (to be in kept in backpacks)
Full sized backpack that folder, extra clothes, etc. will fit in
2 wallet sized photos of your child, or pictures I can crop to wallet size

Class Wish List:

Hobby Lobby gift cards for activity supplies
White tag board (8x11)
Washable ink pads (large ones would be great!)
Colored pencils
Colored tissue paper
Finger paint paper (slick)
Liquid watercolors
Foam letters
Hand held vacumn if anyone has an old one!
Colored printer paper
About Ms. Kathy
Hi, my name is Kathy Park, and I am so excited to be your child's teacher!  I am originally from Colorado, but have lived in this area for many years.
I attended college in Littleton, Colorado, my major was Early Childhood Education.  I have worked as an assistant teacher, a lead teacher,  the director of 2 Children's World centers in Denver, the director of UpTown Kids in Springfield, and was even a private nanny in Boulder, Colorado for a time! 
I have 3 children of my own, the youngest is in college!  So as you can see, I have spent A LOT of time with children, I still enjoy it very much, and I still learn something new every day!   I love teaching pre-kindergarten, the children are so eager to learn , and so much fun!
My husband works at Bass Pro, Right now I spend most of my free time quilting!